3M Class Action Defense Cases–Whitaker v. 3M: Minnesota State Court Grants Class Action Treatment To Labor Law Class Action Against 3M Alleging Age Discrimination

May 15, 2009 | By: Michael J. Hassen

Labor Law Class Action Against 3M Alleging Age Discrimination Warranted Class Action Certification Minnesota State Court Holds

Plaintiff filed a class action against his employer, 3M, alleging labor law violations; the class action complaint asserted that 3M discriminated against employees on the basis of age with respect to leadership development opportunities, promotion decisions, compensation decisions, and job eliminations. Whitaker v. 3M Co., Ramsey County District Court, Second Judicial District, Case No. 62-C4-04-012239 (April 11, 2009) [Slip Opn., at 2-3]. According to the allegations underlying the class action, 3M’s employment practices had a disparate impact on members of the putative class, id., at 3. Plaintiff’s attorneys moved the trial court to certify the litigation as a class action on behalf of “All persons who were 46 or older when employed by 3M in Minnesota in a salaried exempt position below PS grade 180 at any time on or after may 10, 2003, and who did not sign a document on or about their last day of employment purporting to release claims arising out of their employment with 3M.” Id., at 1. The trial court determined that class action treatment was warranted and therefore granted plaintiffs’ class action certification motion.

Download PDF file of Whitaker v. 3M

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