Class Action Defense News—Colorado State Court Grants Class Action Status To Complaint Against EchoStar

Apr 29, 2008 | By: Michael J. Hassen

Eight Years After Filing of Class Action Complaint Against EchoStar, now Dish Network, Colorado State Court Grants Plaintiffs’ Motion to Certify Litigation as a Class Action

The Denver Post reports that the Arapahoe County trial court has granted plaintiffs’ motion to certify a lawsuit against EchoStar as a class action. The class action complaint reportedly was filed by “thousands of [EchoStar’s] retail distributors” eight years ago. The trial court, Judge John Wheeler, is quoted by the Post of accusing defense attorneys of “a willingness and proclivity for drawing out legal proceedings as long as humanly possible and burying their opponents in paperwork and filings.” According to the class action, EchoStar failed to pay commissions and fees due to direct and indirect retailers of its satellite television service.

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