Wal-Mart Reportedly Hit With Additional $62 Million Damage Award In Pennsylvania Labor Law Class Action Lawsuit

Oct 4, 2007 | By: Michael J. Hassen

Following $78.5 Million Jury Verdict in Labor Law Class Action, Pennsylvania Court Awards an Additional $62.3 Million for Wal-Mart’s Withholding of Employee Pay for More than 30 Days

The Associated Press reports that a Pennsylvania court yesterday awarded an additional $62.3 million against Wal-Mart in a labor law class action. The class action resulted in a jury verdict of $78.5 million, but an additional 125,000 members of the class qualified for additional damages because Wal-Mart withheld their pay for more than 30 days. The court rejected the arguments made by Wal-Mart’s class action defense team, and awarded each class member an additional $500 in damages for violating Pennsylvania’s state employment laws. AP reports that this latest setback follows a $172 million damage award in a California class action, and a $50 million settlement of a Colorado class action. Wal-Mart’s defense team is preparing for trial in several other class action lawsuits as well, including Minnesota and New Jersey.

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