Michigan Court Certifies Class Action Against Carlton Farms Based On Odors Emanating From Landfill

Sep 29, 2007 | By: Michael J. Hassen

Michigan State Court Concludes that Residents Living Near Landfill Satisfied Requirements for Certification of Class Action Against Landfill Owners

The Class Action Defense Blog has learned that a Michigan court certified a class action lawsuit brought by residents of Monroe and Wayne counties against Carleton Farms because it “consistently releases noxious odors and interferes with their [quiet] use and enjoy[ment] [of] their properties.” While the landfill has been in use for years, residents claim that the odor problem was exacerbated by the decision of Carleton Farms to accept municipal sewage sludge from Toronto. Interestingly, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality reportedly has issued the necessary permits to Carleton Farms for an expansion of the landfill, despite complaints from local residents that this makes the problem even worse.

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