24 CFR § 3500.13—Questions Or Suggestions From Public And Copies Of Public Guidance Documents Under Regulation X (Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act-RESPA)

Mar 24, 2007 | By: Michael J. Hassen

As a resource for class action defense attorneys who defend against RESPA (Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act) class actions, we provide the text of Regulation X. Congress gave authority to the Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to promulgate regulations for RESPA, and the regulations are set forth in 24 CFR § 3500.1 et seq. The regulations concerning questions or suggestions from public and copies of public guidance documents are set forth in § 3500.13, which provides:

§ 3500.13. Relation to State laws

(a) State laws that are inconsistent with RESPA or this part are preempted to the extent of the inconsistency. However, RESPA and these regulations do not annul, alter, affect, or exempt any person subject to their provisions from complying with the laws of any State with respect to settlement practices, except to the extent of the inconsistency.

(b) Upon request by any person, the Secretary is authorized to determine if inconsistencies with State law exist; in doing so, the Secretary shall consult with appropriate Federal agencies.

(1) The Secretary may not determine that a State law or regulation is inconsistent with any provision of RESPA or this part, if the Secretary determines that such law or regulation gives greater protection to the consumer.

(2) In determining whether provisions of State law or regulations concerning affiliated business arrangements are inconsistent with RESPA or this part, the Secretary may not construe those provisions that impose more stringent limitations on affiliated business arrangements as inconsistent with RESPA so long as they give more protection to consumers and/or competition.

© Any person may request the Secretary to determine whether an inconsistency exists by submitting to the address indicated in § 3500.3, a copy of the State law in question, any other law or judicial or administrative opinion that implements, interprets or applies the relevant provision, and an explanation of the possible inconsistency. A determination by the Secretary that an inconsistency with State law exists will be made by publication of a notice in the FEDERAL REGISTER. “Law” as used in this section includes regulations and any enactment which has the force and effect of law and is issued by a State or any political subdivision of a State.

(d) A specific preemption of conflicting State laws regarding notices and disclosures of mortgage servicing transfers is set forth in § 3500.21(h).

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