Class Action ADA Claims Tie Employment Law Class Action Cases In California Weekly Filings

Aug 13, 2006 | By: Michael J. Hassen

California class action defense attorneys will face a substantial number of new class action claims based on last weeks latest court filings. To allow the class action defense lawyer to anticipate claims against which she or he may have to defend, we provide weekly, unofficial summaries of the legal categories for class actions filed in California state and federal courts in the Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, San Diego, San Mateo, Oakland/Alameda and Orange County areas. This report covers the time period from August 4 – August 10, 2006, and while labor law cases once again head up the list, an equal number of ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) cases were filed. We include only those categories that include 10% or more of the class action filings during the relevant timeframe. Approximately 53 class action lawsuits were filed in these California state and federal courts during that time period, of which 12 involved employment law claims (23%). At least seven (7) of the labor law class action filings allege unpaid overtime (58% of the employment law class action filings and 13% overall). But class action claims under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) tied for first place, also with 12 new lawsuits (23%). The third place category consists of five (5) fair debt collection practices lawsuits brought under state and/or federal law.

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