Frustration Mounts Over Settlement Of Verizon Class Action Lawsuit As Defense Pleads That It Is Merely Complying With Court Order

Jul 12, 2006 | By: Michael J. Hassen

David Lazarus of the San Francisco Chronicle reports today on the confusion millions of Verizon customers are experiencing in deciphering precisely what the new disclosures are in their wireless phone contract after receiving “a voluminous – and optional – ‘customer agreement pursuant to lawsuit settlement.’” But they are not alone: according to Lazarus, a Verizon spokeswoman “admit[s] that finding the revised language can be tough.” Verizon is quoted as saying, “If it’s confusing, this is what we were ordered to do by the court.” The situation is not helped by the fact that there is “no indication as to what’s new in the contract or what the ramifications of accepting it might be.” The situation is further complicated by the fact that Verizon implemented many of the “new” changes in November of 2003, in anticipation of the approval of a settlement agreement that contained those terms. According to Verizon, then, the “vast majority” of Verizon’s 53 million customers are “already under contracts that contain these [new] disclosures.” Mr. Lazarus’s article, “Verizon Contract Still Murky,” may be found in today’s business section of the San Francisco Chronicle.

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