Starbucks Faces California Employment Class Action

Jun 27, 2006 | By: Michael J. Hassen

Former California Manager Seeks Class Action Status in Lawsuit Alleging Failure to Pay Overtime and Failure to Provide Meal and Rest Breaks

In prior articles, we have discussed the prevalence of class actions against employers alleging labor law violations. These are among the “favorites” of plaintiff class action attorneys. Henry Lee of the San Francisco Chronicle reports today that a putative class action has been filed against Starbucks in federal court by a former manager who worked in two California Starbucks shops. According to the article, this class action follows the settlement of an earlier class action against Starbucks that had alleged the company had misclassified its managers as exempt from overtime. The plaintiff’s lawyer claims that the prior class action led to a change in company policy so that Starbucks’ managers are now paid an hourly wage. The current class action seeks damages for allegedly unpaid overtime and unpaid meal and rest periods. Mr. Lee’s article, “Starbucks faces suit over OT,” may be found in today’s business section of the San Francisco Chronicle.

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