Labor Law Class Action Claims On The Rise

Jun 6, 2006 | By: Michael J. Hassen

In an article entitled, “Defending and Preventing Class Actions Alleging Labor Law Violations,” I noted that labor law class actions are on the rise. This opinion was founded solely upon personal experience. A recent article by Kris Maher of the Wall Street Journal adds an objection basis supporting my subjective opinion.

Maher observes that “[w]orkers are filing more lawsuits against employers they accuse of violating fair-wage laws that govern overtime and minimum pay.” She also notes that these actions “increasingly seek what is called collective action under federal wage laws as well as class action under similar state laws.”

Maher investigation revealed that in 2005 more than twice as many lawsuits “alleging some violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act” were resolved than in 2000 – a startling increase over such a short period of time. Maher’s article, “Workers Are Filing More Lawsuits Against Employers Over Wages,” printed June 5, 2006, in The Wall Street Journal, is well worth reading.

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